Letters to Dogs

Ryan Donald: Letters to Dogs Book

Letters to Dogs

If dogs could talk what would we ask them?

It’s a scenario that’s not uncommon among dog owners. What would it be like to talk with our pets? Could they explain their endearing and sometimes puzzling behaviors?

In Letters to Dogs, you’ll hear from fictional dog owners and dog lovers who reveal their frustration, excitement, bafflement, and curiosity about the personalities of dogs and why they behave the way they do.

In notes written directly to a variety of dog personalities, these humorous letters capture the essence of why we love our pets—all the cute, silly, and ridiculous ways that dogs behave, and ultimately, win our hearts.

In Letters to Dogs, you’ll read through a collection of fictional letters written about dog behaviors from the highly relatable (the dog who whips his tail into grandma’s legs) to the hilarious (the dog who ignores his frisbee because he’d rather run “zoomies” instead). Everyone has seen that dog, and now we get the chance to explore what people would really tell dogs, if given the chance.

This delightful and humorous short book will remind you of the frustrations and joys that all dog owners experience and the bonds that inspire us to call dogs “man’s best friend.”